Through the ages, bread has always been an essential part of our daily diet.

In a jungle of fast foods, chemical additives and artificial flavours, I wanted to offer the supermarket public a natural and tasty alternative to cardboard fluff breads available outthere.

Breads contain all the same primary ingredients: Flour, water, yeast and salt. Simple you might think... But in reality authentic bread is an intricate balance of those "basic ingredients".

In my twenties I had the chance to learn cooking in France as an apprentice in a few grand Parisian establishments. I quickly understood that fine bread was required to accompany fine dining. I always wondered how the french got to make bread so rich in taste and texture.

I spent years trying and experimenting with different traditional bread recipies. Believe me, failing is easier than succeeding when it comes to the "perfect" balance between those "basic ingredients"!

All the best, Boyd Bissell,

Owner and Founder