Les Entrées et Salades = The Appetizers and Salads


Pâté de Campagne 8

French country style pork pâté served with cornichons and sliced baguette


Salade de Betteraves 8

Thinly sliced butter sautéed beets topped with walnuts, gorgonzola, and drizzled with sage oil


Salade Lyonnaise 9

Baby arugula and spinach drizzled with warmed

bacon Dijon dressing and topped with poached egg


Escargots à la Provençale 9

Escargots simmered in garlic shallot butter


Salade de Chèvre Tiède 10

Baby spinach topped with warmed herb rolled goat cheese


Cuisses de Grenouille 12

Frog legs, pan seared with parsley garlic butter


Boeuf Carpaccio 12

Extra rare top sirloin served with capers and red onions


Brie and Baguette 12

Fine French Brie on toasted Heidelberg Baguette,

fresh berries and Heidelberg Peach Rhubarb preserves.


Salade de Capri 10

Fresh Mozzarella and tomatoes served on a bed of mixed greens, oil and seasoning


Baltimore Crab Cakes (appetizer) 15

Crab meat, Heidelberg bread crumbs, orange bell peppers, spices and egg whites,

served with Heidelberg Tomato Ginger Chutney


Smoked Salmon for two 14

Smoked Salmon, seasoning, capers, red onions drizzled with

premium aromatized olive oil, toasted baguette



Les Plats Principaux = The Main Courses

* All main courses served with a choice of

soupe du jour or house salad *


Chicken Piccata 20

Pan hammered chicken breast lightly floured,

sautéed in white wine and lemon juice, capers butter sauce


Coq Au Vin 22

Golden braised half chicken oven simmered in onions, unsalted butter, spices, carrots, red wine,

finished with Paprika and Grey Goose Vodka


Filet Mignon Trois Poivres 29

Charbroiled filet with red, black and white pepper sauce


Delmonico 29

Charbroiled 30 oz choice ribeye


Hanger Steak 24

Choice hanger steak finished with Joséphine or Bordelaise sauce


Carré d'Agneau Persillé 29

Premium Colorado lamb rack chops, parsley, red wine,

melange peppercorns and Pierre's Mint au Poivre creme sauce


Lamb Chops 29

Grilled Premium Colorado Lamb Chops, finished in a fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries, bluberries), red wine, peppercorn and Apple Fig chutney sauce


Tuna Steak Romesco 22

Seared rare pepper incrusted yellow fin tuna steak

served with Wasabi and homemade Romesco on the side


Salmon Filet 25

Pan seared Salmon filet accompanied by a Dijon dill cream sauce


Baltimore Crab Cakes (dinner)

Crab meat, Heidelberg bread crumbs, orange bell peppers, spices and egg whites,

served with Heidelberg Tomato Ginger Chutney 24


Homard Chablis 29

Cold water Lobster tail steamed in Chablis wine, onions, pepper and sweet butter



Chef's choice of pasta with:

Primavera (wine sautéed vegetables) 14

Chicken 16

Shrimp 18


Frutti De Mare 35

Wine steamed clams, mussels, roasted sea scallops and shrimps,

served on a bed of "Peppercorn" linguine with a cream and cheese sauce



A selection of finer imported cheeses with berries and chocolate 18


Fresh caviar 2 ounces 30

4 ounces 60


Foie gras d'oie 25









Selection of homemade Pies ,

" à la mode " (with ice cream) and fresh fruits 6



Crème Brulée, (cold vanilla custard with caramelized sugar crust)

or Pot de Crème (without the sugar crust)

decorated with fresh berries 6


Cardamom Ice Cream

Bryer's real vanilla ice cream, chopped Fresh Mango, Mission Figs,

sprinkled with ground Cardamom 6


Flourless Chocolate Cake

Warm, served with ice cream and fresh berries 8